BeatStats is a site that ranks Artists and Labels based on their tracks position on BeatPort Top-100 Charts, Artists and Labels are ranked using a points system.

BeatStats went online in 2011 as a Trance only chart site, In Dec 2015 I redesigned the site and launched it with all Genres. In Xmas 2023 I reworked the entire site, adding new features, and re coding the back end to speed up the site drasticly.


Points are calculated daily based on a Song's position in the Beatport top 100 charts. If a track is at position 1, it gets 100 points, if it is in position 100, it gets 1 point. Charts are updated daily. only the original producer of the track receives the points. This points system has been in use since 2011 and it proves to be a reasonable representation of actual track sales over time. On occasions where BeatPort has released official track sales for the last year, BeatStats charts are typically 90% similar.


I created BeatStats back in 2011, as a way to keep track of my own releases. My artist name is Xtigma, i'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland, I have been producing music for 20+ years.

my BeatStats page

my Soundcloud page


BeatStats has always been Ad Free, I pay for this site with my own money, I added a Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com link at the start of 2023, which has had some great support, but unfortunatley over the last year this has still not covered the costs of running this site. Part of the reason for the redesign, is to build the foundation for new features, In 2024 I will be adding 'Premium' Features to the site. I'll share more info on this soon, I have some interesting ideas!